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On-yomi Kun-yomi
トウ ひと.しい , など , -ら
etc., and so forth, class (first), quality, equal, similar
Strokes number : 12 Skip Code : 2-6-6
Kanji Frequency : 798 Unicode : 7B49
Level : 3rd year jis 208 Code : 37-89
Noryokushiken : level 3 Bushu : 118 竹
Words with this Kanji
Word Reading Translation
彼ら, 彼等 かれら, あれら they (usually male), those
高等 こうとう high class, high grade
平等 びょうどう equality (a), impartiality, evenness
均等 きんとう equality, uniformity, evenness
対等 たいとう equivalent
一等 いっとう first-class, first-rank, A1, the most, the best
何等, 何ら なんら whatever, what, what sort of, any kind of, nothing whatever (with neg. verb)
高等学校 こうとうがっこう senior high school
不平等 ふびょうどう inequality, unequal (treaties), unfair
同等 どうとう equality, equal, same rights, same rank
Kanji Index in the Dictionaries
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New Nelson 4287
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Heisig 945
Gakken 601
Japanese Names 1770
Essential Kanji 294
Daikanwajiten 25992
Henshall 361
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Henshall 3 383
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Kanji in context 353
Kodansha compact 1479
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